Using a Selfie Stick – A Short Guide

Did you know that selfie sticks were one of the most sold products during the holiday season? This isn’t a surprise if we take a look at the magazines covering technology inventions. Most of them have voted the selfie stick as one of the best inventions in 2014. Selfies are still one of the most popular forms of entertainment and photography all over the world. For example, selfies in the USA have surpassed many other forms of photography in the last year. But, do you know how exactly you can use a selfie stick and why you should use it?


77-selfiestickThere are many people who think that selfie stick is one of the most narcissistic accessories found on the market today. However, these people aren’t aware of the many benefits selfie sticks bring. Besides that selfie sticks are just an accessory that can improve the way your selfies look like, so those who dislike selfie sticks probably don’t like selfies either.

Thanks to the selfie stick, you can take photos with more than one or two persons in it. This is something impossible if you use the help of your arm no matter how long it is. Many experts suggest that this is the biggest advantage of using a selfie stick. These group photos can be taken in a matter of seconds and you can include more than 10 people in them without covering any of them with your face or arm/hand. In fact many people use them to finally take the perfect selfie with their pets.

Selfie the regular way, is to old way

Another problem with taking selfies in the regular way is that those photos usually have the head as the main object in the scene. With the help of the selfie stick you can capture more of the surrounding. This can be especially useful if you are taking a selfie in some beautiful place when you are outside of your home. This is what makes selfie stick ideal for tourists.

One of the major disadvantages of regular selfies is the appearance of arms in the photo. This situation can be avoided very easy if you use this specially designed stick. Of course, you will probably still make the same mistake in the beginning, but with a short practice the arm and stick that appear in the selfies will be the things of the past and you will have the chance to share some amazing photos on the social networks.

Be more creative

77-selfiesAnother thing that makes selfie sticks special is the fact that this piece of equipment helps you get creative. People that are using these sticks have created some amazing photos that became viral in the past year. So, if you want to channelize your creativity than start working with your selfie sticks right now.

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